Apologetics Sunday School Class (Summer 2018)

  1. Introduction to Apologetics (ppt) (worksheet) (mp3)
  2. War of the Worldviews (ppt) (worksheet) (mp3)
  3. The Heart of the Matter (ppt) (worksheet) (mp3)
  4. Apologetic Methods (ppt) (worksheet) (mp3)
  5. Responding to Naturalism (ppt) (mp3)
  6. Responding to Secularism (ppt) (worksheet) (mp3)
  7. Responding to Theism (ppt) (mp3)
  8. Apologetics Q&A – Part 1 (ppt) (mp3)
    1. Can we prove that God exists?
    2. Can we be certain that Christianity is true?
  9. Apologetics Q&A – Part 2 (mp3)
    1. Various audience questions relating to last week
  10. Apologetics Q&A – Part 3 (mp3)
    1. Is doubt a sin?
    2. What is faith?
  11. Apologetics Q&A – Part 4 (mp3)
    1. Why is the Bible so confusing?
    2. How do you know you are interpreting the Bible correctly?
    3. Why are there so many Christians sects / denominations?
  12. Apologetics Q&A – Part 5 (mp3)
    1. Has the Bible been preserved?
    2. How can a good and powerful God allow evil and suffering?
  13. Review and Q&A (mp3)
    1. Why does the Bible condone slavery?