I was born in 1984 and have lived most of my life in Pennsylvania and Ohio, but also West Virginia, Colorado, and Washington. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest.

Professionally, I am a degreed mechanical engineer, self-taught software developer, and entrepreneur. I enjoy theology, philosophy, writing, and game design. I have started three businesses since 2011: custom software development (my main business), software-as-a-service (failed), and a tabletop game that is currently in development.

I am a Christian. I believe that the chief end of man is to enjoy God and serve him forever. I believe that only Christianity can make sense of the human experience. I would not point to myself as example of how one ought to live, because I fail constantly and drastically. I would point you to Christ instead, who is God incarnate. I know that I am his child not because of my goodness but because of his kindness.

You can contact me at the address below.