Game Design

One of my hobbies is playing, designing, and critiquing computer, card, and board games. Though there is a stigma associated with some kinds of games, particularly those involving fantasy combat, I think game-playing is as normal for humans as playing music. Of course, music is easier to consume that games, which is why gaming has reached a new level of prominence in our modern era.

Sadly, for roughly a three year period of my life I was addicted to gaming, but God kindly brought me out of that mire and has restored balance to my life. The addictive nature of computer games has led me to focus more on tabletop games in recent months, including designing a card-based wargame called Legacy’s Allure.

Game Design

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Game Critiques and Reviews

I review other games, usually combat-focused tabletop games.

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Forthcoming / Ideas:

  • The Enduring Popularity of Counter-Strike Explained
  • Why MOBAs Are So Popular (Hint: They’re Well-Design)
  • Why Competitive Battle Royale Doesn’t Work
  • Why Competitive Overwatch Doesn’t Work
  • The Cursed Problem of MOBAs
  • Why Your Elo Ranking Isn’t Accurate
  • No One Cares About Your Idea
  • Originality Is Overrated
  • Good Versus Bad Game Reviews


The articles below don’t pertain to game design but gaming in general, and I wanted to include them here anyway.

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My DotaFire Dragon Knight Guide – This has been the #1 rated Dragon Knight guide on DotaFire since 2016. I try to update it at least once a year.

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