The Talking Donkey Archives

The Talking Donkey was a satirical newspaper (inspired by The Onion) that I wrote pseudonymously while attending Cedarville University. The softer articles lampoon evangelical sub-culture while the harsher articles usually critiqued my problems with Cedarville’s administration or the liberal strains of evangelicalism that were strengthening at CU during my attendance.

Eventually I intend on uploading annotated PDFs that explain the evolution of the paper as well as many of its inside references. This is mostly for my own sake, so I don’t forget, but maybe former fans will find it interesting.


  • “Wilhelm von Schnelldorf III”, “Guido Valentine”, “Yoshima Takahashi” were me. I developed and wrote every article except for two. A friend named Kate developed and co-wrote “Parents Told: ‘Talk to the Cartoons'” (Vol. 3 Iss. 3). A fellow Hillian named Jack developed and wrote, “Where’s the Grace?” (Vol. 3, Iss. 1).
  • “Gob Eidkersheim” was a friend named Chris G. He helped distribute many papers and provided editing, feedback, and his PO box.
  • “Bella Blitzenfeld” was a friend named Lauren G. She produced the paper and provided editing and feedback.
  • “Veronica” was fictional — sorry.

Chris and Lauren were my chief encouragers this time, so my biggest thanks goes out to them. Special thanks also to Micah M., Ben S., Ben V., Doug C., and countless others for their editing, supporting, and / or encouragement.

My favorite article is the very last one: “They Know You Are Reading This Right Now”.

Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume 1 Issue 2
Volume 1 Issue 3
Volume 2 Issue 1
Volume 2 Issue 2
Volume 2 Issue 3
Volume 3 Issue 1
Volume 3 Issue 2
Volume 4 Issue 1