This is a repository for my best writing, lectures, and projects on many topics — at least as much as I have had time to add. You may distribute the material here so long as you credit me and provide my email or a link to this web site.

I write to inform, persuade, encourage, and occasionally entertain. I agree with the English poet Samuel Johnson that writing is an excellent way to sharpen one’s mind:

To fix the thoughts by writing, and subject them to frequent examinations and reviews, is the best method of enabling the mind to detect its own sophisms, and keep it on guard against the fallacies which it practices on others: in conversation we naturally diffuse our thoughts, and in writing we contract them; method is the excellence of writing, and unconstraint the grace of conversation.

Most of my writing relates to philosophy and theology. Labels I would accept, with varying degrees of delight, are evangelical, Baptist, Calvinist, Protestant, New Covenant theologian, and presuppositionalist, hard determinist, libertarian, and evangelical. I might also call myself a conservative and Republican in certain contexts, albeit with significant qualification.

Despite the firmness of my opinions, I do not have many hills that I would die on, so you will find me surprisingly amicable. I am also a fierce believer in the biblical concept of tolerance: coexisting peacefully with those who disagree with you.

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Apologetics and Philosophy

Apologetics Sunday School Class – Starting in July of 2018 I taught a 13 part Sunday school class at Woodland Christian Church. Here you can find the audio, handouts, and powerpoints for each lesson.

Apologetical Implications of Proverbs – Paper written for a class on wisdom literature, taught by Dr. Daniel Estes, at Cedarville University. Examines how the book of Proverbs contributes to the arsenal of the Christian apologist. Includes a lengthy Appendix defending the presuppositionalist interpretation of Proverbs 1:7. Written in the spring of 2008.

An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism – A simplified presentation of Alvin Plantinga’s “evolutionary argument against naturalism”, written in May 2006 for an essay contest held by Answers In Genesis.

A Response to the “Problem of Evil”

“Every Thought Captive” Series – A series of messages I am giving at my church on how Christians should think about variety of topics.

Science and Christianity – A series of messages I have delivered on several occasions (usually in churches or universities) promoting the epistemological supremacy of revelation over science.

Answering Abortionists According to Their Folly – Pro-choice arguments reduce to absurdity; at the bottom of this worldview is radical egotism.


Is God the Author of Sin? – A solution to the alleged paradox of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility.

Why I Am Not A Paedobaptist – A critical evaluation of Presbyterian paedobaptism from a New Covenant Theology perspective. Includes a sub-article on my history with Presbyterianism.


A Gospel Presentation for “Good” People
My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation
Atonement Demands A Penal Substitute
So Much Better Than the Angels
High Priest According to the Order of Melchizedek
You Are Saved By Works
God Can’t Do Everything
The Lord’s Hand Is Not Shortened

Other Topics

New Year’s Resolutions: A Survival Guide

The Gospel of Sarno – A Christian interpretation of Dr. John Sarno’s work on psychosomatic pain.

What Every Married Couple Must Know

Digital Addictions – Social media, entertainment, and gaming can become idols. The gospel is the answer to any idolatry.

Why I’m Neither Pro-Vaccine Nor Anti-Vaccine


The Talking Donkey – A satirical newspaper I wrote while attending Cedarville University.

My Pandora Stations – As well as thoughts on “Christian” vs “secular” music and a list of some favorite artists and songs.